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IC Engine Forklift
Electric Forklift


1 Ton ~ 3.5 Ton Capacity



Model 62-8FD25


The new Toyota 8-Series Engine Forklifts incorporte Toyota's Core Competencies which are Quality, Durability and Reliabality and they are combined with the Leading Edge Technology for which Toyota is world famous. The Result is the product which excels in safety, Environment Friendliness, Ergonomics and eventually the cost of ownership. No wonder Toyota has achieved the No.1 posotion in the Material Handling Industry.

By combining the essential forklifts characteristics with advance functionality, Toyota have created a marvelous design in 8-Series Forklift which addresses the real issue faced in the material handling industry in terms of reducing operator fatigue, ease of use, increased safety features as well as reducing maintenance cost with maximum ownership benefits.

Some of the evident features of the new 8-Series Engine Forklifts are:

  • Operator present system (OPS) for increased safety.
  • Ergonomic Design for better visibility, reduced noice and vibration, comfortable ride and operablity, ease of maintainance.
  • Enhanced Quality, Durability and Reliabality for longer maintainance period.
  • Environment friendly Engines.

All above features combined in a forklift offer an overall satisfication that make the Toyota Forklifts as the most prefered choice of the material handling industry around the world and made Toyota the world leader.

  Load Capacity Load Center Tyre Fork Transmition
Model (kg) (mm) Type Length (mm) Type
60-8FD15 1,500 500 Pneumatic 1070 Manual
62-8FD15 1,500 500 Pneumatic 1070 Automatic
60-8FD20 2,000 500 Pneumatic 1070 Manual
62-8FD20 2,000 500 Pneumatic 1070 Automatic
60-8FD25 2,500 500 Pneumatic 1070 Manual
62-8FD25 2,500 500 Pneumatic 1070 Automatic
60-8FD30 3,000 500 Pneumatic 1070 Manual
62-8FD30 3,000 500 Pneumatic 1070 Automatic
70-8FDJ35 3,500 500 Pneumatic 1070 Manual
72-8FDJ35 3,500 500 Pneumatic 1070 Automatic